19 March 2013

Things are looking up!

So I'm blogging from my phone while an IT person from the company where I work cleans up a virus. After years and years of vigilance, I'm in my thirties getting my first computer virus from a stupid fake survey link in an email. Thank God for talented IT people. In the meantime, it seemed like a good opportunity to give my readers an update.

I've been a busy little bee, sowing seeds all around, and I am finally going to get to lead a business education seminar...or series. The exact format has yet to be decided, but I've been selected to be a co-chair of the Economic Empowerment Committee with the Urban League Young Professionals of Middle Tennessee. We want to do some programs to teach people about personal financial health, home ownership, and starting and running businesses. The whole committee will have to choose our ultimate course of actions, and we'll need to find some partners in town, but it looks promising! It's an amazing group of young professionals!

Other seeds may begin to flourish, too, and I hope they do. I met with the Nashville Chamber's Social Enterprise Shared Interest Group this morning, and it looks like I'm in the right city to be reaching out and working with others with a goal toward social betterment. It's exciting to finally see some things coming together. I'm letting go of expectations, and keeping with one of my mantras, I just keep moving forward. Maybe now others will be moving with me!

If you want to know more about my idea, check out my post, "Lacuna Kinship."

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