11 July 2012

Ok, So, Less Boring Then?

I'm about to pull a George Lucas, on a teeny tiny scale.

Tonight, I release the 2nd Edition of my Business Plan for America. (I have taken down the link for it: click here for more details.) It took printing the thing to realize that the introduction and detailed table of contents detracted from the message overall, so I took them out. I corrected a few typos that four sets of eyes missed. I touched on some awkward sentences. These are the privileges of self-publishing, I suppose. Of  course anyone who already purchased it can have the new edition for free.

I did not add special effects.

It reads easier now. It gets right to the point. In honor of this release, I've decided to also release some of the alternate titles I considered. A dear friend suggested that perhaps the current title doesn't attract the pundit-weary, and a title better encompassing the theme of the work might attract more readers. While this sounded like a great idea, the whole basis for the work is that of a business plan. I thought, at least that would have to be the subtitle, like, Can't We All Just Get Along? A Business Plan for America.

So imagine the rest of these with that subtitle...too bad A New Hope was already taken.
Politics Suck--Let's Try Something New 
What To Do Until We All Win the Lottery 
When the Boat is Sinking, It's Not Time to Upgrade 
Peace, Love, & Profit  
40 Million Opinions and One Party to Plan 
Last Chance Before the End of the World 
Soaring Near the Imperial Sun on Wicked Wings of Tax-Free Wax
When You Stop and Think About It . . .

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