04 July 2012

A Brief Introduction to A Business Plan for America

Excerpted from the original Introduction to Business Plan for America, which I released on this blog briefly.

We, the People, need a business plan.
No company could survive as we do, two halves fighting for control, divided against one another.  We are engrossed in a battle much like that of many management and labor disputes, and when either side forgets the goal of the company and operates only for its own benefit, then the whole organization breaks down, as we saw in the auto industry a few short years ago.
America needs a business plan. We need to remind ourselves what our common values are, what our mission is, and how we're going to beat the competition. Our major competitor, China, has determined such things. If we don't stop fighting about the benefits granted to us as Americans, we may lose those benefits to a hostile takeover. The metaphors may seem excessive, but our nation was founded on commercial enterprise in spite of the desires of an elite ruling class to maintain their noble rights. The right of every person to create a living in their own way--if they can figure out how--helped us become the power we are now. We should use that skill set to re-prioritize, reorganize, and operate in the black again.

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